I work in the survey department and my recent work was regarding problems of tech-savvy people. You must have such people around you who are always seen busy with gadgets. Matter of fact while I am writing this there is this person who is busy on his cellphone, playing online games, shouting at other players, and more. Gadgets have this supernatural power that captivates their users. Thus, it is a kind of part of normal life. So back to my work, I had to research how the tech-savvy generation is dealing with the gadget obsession. This includes young teenagers, parents, employees, employers, and more. So everyone has different ways of coping with the mechanism but one simple way to deal with all sorts of problems, addictions, and obsessions is the use of spy apps.

Android spy app, or computer monitoring software is an advanced method to keep an eye on smart gadget usage. You can use it for yourself or can get it for your kid, elder, or patient around you or an employee. The OgyMogy spy app offers parental control features and employee monitoring. 

As a parent, it is your right to know about your minor kid’s reel and real life so there are no pre-requisite terms or conditions. But with an employer, you have to follow some protocols, for example, employers must use a company-owned device to monitor the employees via a spy app. 

Here are some features that can be used to cure your addiction or any obsession with people around you. 

Time Wasting?

The time-wasting is a common problem for us all. There may have been deadlines but will be busy browsing Instagram or watching a cute puppy video on YouTube. In case you are like me or you have a kid or employees who should learn to manage their screen time the OgyMogy spy app offers a screen monitoring feature.

The Centre for Disease Control has reported shocking statistics as on average teenagers spend 7 and more hours on screen. It can severely damage children’s health.

Screen time management must be a mandatory factor for parents. The screen monitoring feature of the OgyMogy android spy app saves the screen activities along with time spent on each of the activities. The activity record is also saved in the form of screenshots and short videos. 

Exposure to Adult Content:

The easy access to smart gadgets and the internet means unconscious exposure to adult content. Monitor the video steaming history of the target person through the YouTube screen monitoring feature. You can even check the channel content and updates as well. 

Distractive Employees:

With so many young people in the working sector comes problems relating to the tech-savvy young generation. For example, most of them are extremely social media users. OgyMogy Android spy app offers a long list of social media monitoring features like Skype spy app, Facebook spy app, Line spy app, and many more. You can even know about any secret account of your kid with these features.

Lost Gadget’s Unannounced Disappearance From Target:

The location tracking feature lets the user know about the real-time location of the target gadget or user with accuracy. Thus the feature can be used for keeping track of your gadget or to know about the target’s whereabouts. Now the target can be a naughty teenager or an employee who loves to slip away and waste working hours.

Forget Password:

Android spy app offers a password cracker feature. It can be used for online services as well as to crack the photo gallery password and more. 

Irrespective Web Browsing:

This kind of problem can be faced by anyone. They can be an employee, a parent, or even the user themselves. With the OgyMogy android spy app, you can simply know about all the browsing activities including web content and bookmarking in detail. The app even offers a web filtering feature to block any unwanted website or triggering stuff from the target browser. 

The OgyMogy is not just a simple Android spy app. The Mac and Windows version makes it one of the best monitoring software in the market as any kind of user can rely on the app. 

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