The hippy style is one of the first sustainable fashion styles that is unique and created by a group of young artists, musicians, and professionals in San Francisco in the United States during the 1960s. It was one of the reasons to reject materialism and social norms. In the 1940s, many movements were going on and the mid-1950s also influenced this cause. It was one of the biggest and most influential movements in the fashion world. Here we will discuss the fashion of the 60s hippies. 

Hippy was first called the hipster, which was the result of the Beat Movement that happened in the 1950s. This was the result of a revolt totally against the beliefs of society. It was just a movement to turn back. Later, this fashion spread to Britain and Canada in the late 1970s. With many ups and downs over time, finally, in the 80s, it got its popularity back and its fame continues to grow every day. 

What Is Unique About The Hippy Style? 

The hippy style is probably most oriented towards eco-friendly fashion. This was based on the concept of gender equality by opposing social norms. The most unique thing about this style was that the people wore the same clothing. Hippy men’s green dress skirt skirts are very on-demand like women’s hippy skirts. 

Hippy fashion styles are green fashion, which were made of local materials. The garments were handcrafted and accessories were woven on the machine. Hippy clothes are usually different with floral patterns. These are skimmed short-length and colorful that indicating love and happiness among people. 

Hippy Styling 

This clothing style is loose when worn, and is made of fibers such as hemp and cotton. Along with it both genders grew their long hair. The Beatnik’s trousers are cut down into beautiful small blouses and wide jeans. The jeans with bell bottoms were mostly in trend those days. Gradually, this extended to dyeing one’s clothes and the colorful tie-dye style became popular. Accessories were handmade and they included various symbols that indicated peace. This was the very remarkable specialty of fashion of the 60s hippies. 

Popular Pattern 

In those days, floral and tie-dye patterns were in high trend. Other fashion styles also popped up several times in between. Those trends were full of colors and the designs on them were psychedelic and stripped. 

Flower Power 

The most common emblematic pattern of the hippie movement is a flower which has now become a clinch or a joke. Flowers are the best to represent love and happiness and are present everywhere. The typical floral patterns came in limelight and were worn with tops and long dresses. Real flowers suited the hair of beautiful maidens and there were face paintings full of flower images. The thinking of hippies was that the negative side of the world must be shown. it became significant to showcase the natural beauty of the world. 

Hippie Accessories 

The accessories consist of women’s handmade jewelry that came from native Americans. Music is also an important part of being a hippie. Some necklaces for women-oriented bells were like pendants and mostly ankle bracelets. Ankle bracelets were popular, especially on the West Coast because native people there always liked to walk barefoot. 

Hippie Influence 

Many fashion sense came and vanished but hippies influence persisted. However, youth movements have changed the clothing industry several times. In the 1960s trends always came and went, women were the ones who found their style and passed the style to the younger generations. 

Trends Associated With Hippie Fashion 

This 60s hippie trend is still prevalent to influence the world of fashion. Different stylish patterns, bright colors, and folkloric motifs are a sign to escape from a hectic day. These tie-dye shirts and wide floral kaftans are marked in the hearts of people as a fashion. 

The simple motive was to ensure to live freely, express, and love. These all elements were showcased in the clothing style they were wearing. They used to adopt the Bohemian lifestyle by avoiding it in conventional ways. Moreover, the events in the US made it more diversified clothing after the death of President Kennedy.  

Some of the types of fashion of the 60s hippies are as follows: –

Fashion of Bohemian

Indian motifs, Gypsy scarves, and African fabrics were the most in trend those days. People were showing their disagreement towards commercialization and consumerism. This new rising hippie trend was a threat to traditional fashion. It’s good to say that an offbeat fashion sense is still there. 

This offbeat fashion made people exotic during times. Some vibrant pop of colors, jewelry, ragged clothes, and beads made hippie all in one type of clothing. This mostly attracts individuals and creative people who like to explore colors and elements while clothing.

Psychedelic Style 

Psychedelic style was known for its creative end product patterns, which spread the flower power ideology in the clothing industry. The geometric patterns were added to the clothes with the help of vibrant swirls. Also, amoeba patterns were the first to be used in any fashion. The passive resistance towards the Far East culture of Buddhism was criticized to be followed and this led to the rise of the great hippie movement. With the slogan of flower power ideology. The arts were combined of different cultures and developed a fashion that syncs with the 60s hippies. 

This fashion style came from legendary music icons. Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix made an attempt to revolutionize this trend. The youngsters too adopted the vibrant colors and tie-dye pattern style of clothing. Today, you all can enjoy and play with different patterns and colors to indicate your individuality and free spirit. Anyone can find new styling ways on the internet that boosts the mental health of people. 


With hippie fashion, you can roam around in this modern era as this fashion is evergreen. Its clothing essence fits everyone in every era in any part of the world. This gives you a unique, cool, and fashionable touch.