Preppy clothing is a trend that began in prestigious American universities, when students put on elegant, sophisticated clothes to reflect their rich status. Clean lines, fitted shapes, and vintage prints and materials like khaki, tweed, and plaid define preppy fashion.

Thanks to popular movies like Clueless and television programs like Beverly Hills 90210, preppy appearance saw a significant comeback in the 1990s. Grunge, athletics, Americana, and other subcultures had an impact on 90s preppy fashion. The fashion was easy, timeless, and unbelievably chic. The majority of it was subtle and serene, but there were a few wild accessories and splashes of color.

These are a few of the key components you require if you want to incorporate a 90s preppy aesthetic in your own wardrobe.

Pleated Mini Skirts

One of the most iconic items of the 90s preppy fashion was the pleated mini skirt, which was often worn with a matching blazer or jacket. The pleated mini skirt was flirty and fun, and it showed off your legs. Pleated short skirts come in a variety of hues and designs, but checkered, plaid, and tartan were the most often used. A tucked-in blouse or top, a cardigan or sweater, and a pair of Mary Janes or loafers can all be worn with a pleated miniskirt.

Mary Jane Shoes

Speaking of Mary Jane shoes, these were another staple of the 90s preppy fashion. Mary Jane shoes are shoes with a rounded toe and a strap across the top of the foot. They usually have a platform heel or a chunky heel, which adds some height and comfort. Mary Jane shoes are versatile and feminine, and they can be worn with skirts, dresses, pants, or jeans. You can find Mary Jane shoes in different colors and materials, but the classic ones are black leather or patent leather.

Crisp Button-Down Shirts

A crisp button-down shirt is a timeless piece that can elevate any outfit. In the 90s preppy fashion, button-down shirts were often worn with khaki pants or jeans, or layered under sweaters or vests. You can choose a button-down shirt in a solid color, such as white, blue, or pink, or opt for a striped or checked pattern for some contrast. You can also play with the collar and cuffs of your button-down shirt by popping them up or rolling them up for some extra flair.

Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are another classic item that can be found in any preppy wardrobe. Khaki pants are knit from a light brown cotton twill fabric. They are trustworthy, comfortable, and flexible. Polo shirts, button-down shirts, and t-shirts are examples of shirts that look well with khaki pants. There are many different sizes and designs of khaki pants, including straight-leg, slim-fit, cropped, and cuffed types.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are shirts with a collar and a few buttons at the neck. They are often made of soft, breathable cotton pique fabric. Polo shirts may seem classy and professional in addition to being casual and athletic when worn with the appropriate bottoms and accessories. There are many additional colors and makers, but 90s preppy fashion polo shirt producers included Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Lacoste. Your polo shirt looks well with a dress, a skirt, khaki pants, or jeans.


Sweaters are warm, comfortable clothing items that may give your ensemble some texture and color. Sweaters were frequently put over button-down shirts or polo shirts in 90s preppy fashion. Cardigans, pullovers, vests, and v-necks are just a few of the different sweater designs you may choose from. You may also pick from a number of sweater patterns and materials, like argyle, cable knit, fair isle, and stripes.


Blazers are jackets that have lapels and buttons at the front. They often offer a firm and suited fit and are constructed of tweed or wool fabric. Blazers are great for enhancing your sense of style with refinement and elegance as well as for giving you a more professional and assured appearance. For a fashionable look, blazers mix well with skirts, jeans, and even dresses. Blazers are available in a range of colors and designs, such as navy blue, black, gray, and checkered.


The final touches may add intrigue and personality to your clothing with accessories. 90s preppy fashion featured bold, eccentric accessories including headbands, scrunchies, chokers, sunglasses, caps, and backpacks. You might also accessorize your look with pearls, studs, hoops, or chains. It’s easy to show your individuality and sense of style with accessories, and they may help liven up your appearance.


Preppy fashion from the 1990s is a timeless, stylish look that can be readily updated for the present. You may put together ensembles that are elegant and polished yet carefree and enjoyable by combining some of the key items of 90s preppy fashion into your collection. The preppy look from the 1990s is a timeless aesthetic that may improve both your appearance and self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is preppy fashion?

Preppy clothing is a trend that started at prestigious American universities, when students wore elegant, sophisticated attire to symbolize their affluent status.

What are the characteristics of preppy fashion?

The preppy style is characterized by straight lines, form-fitting silhouettes, and classic designs and textiles like khaki, tweed, and plaid.

What are some of the popular brands of preppy fashion?

Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and J. Crew are a few of the well-known names in preppy clothing.

How can I wear preppy fashion today?

The key components of preppy design from the 1990s, such as pleated miniskirts, Mary Jane shoes, sharp button-down shirts, khaki pants, polo shirts, sweaters, blazers, and accessories, may still be worn today.

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