Burgers are the dishes that everyone loves to eat. It nourishes our tongue with a taste full of sweet, sour, and spicy mixtures. There are many healthy sides for burgers that you can eat. Burgers are suitable for every occasion, whether it is your birthday, anniversary, kitty party, evening snacks, or midnight craving. 

Many people have experience of the burger as a boring dish. But those people must try certain combinations of sides along with burgers to enhance their taste and mind. The burgers, along with the sides, make the meal more delicious and nutritious. Let’s dig deep into the benefits of having healthy sides for burgers. 

How do healthy sides for burgers benefit you? 

Sides with burgers can be extremely beneficial for you to eat. Healthy sides include fresh veggies, low-calorie items, less saturated fat items, and more fibre. These items will keep you fit and fine without any side effects or overeating. You can make these healthy sides at home itself on your own. Registered dietitian and nutritionist always suggests that patients have a proper diet and healthy foods with every meal. Healthy sides, along with your burger, will keep you away from any heart disease, nerve failure, or any other organ complications. Always keep a balanced diet in your routine. 

Top 10 healthy sides for burgers

Following are some top healthy sides for burgers that every individual should eat at least once in a lifetime. 

Seasoned or Peri-peri Air Fryer French Fries

French fries are basically baked potatoes that are lightly fried and seasoned with minimal salt and pepper. This is a crispy, fluffy, and flavourful side dish that compliments best with burgers. It is the most commonly preferred side dish by the customers. It is easy to prepare with the simple ingredients required. You can prepare a handful of french fries with your burger as a side dish and serve your friends or family hot and crispy. 

Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread 

Jalapeno cheddar cornbread is the best complimentary dish with the burger. When Miso is added to this dish, it makes it more delicious. It adds a hint of spiciness and sourness. The cheeseburger with jalapeno cheddar gives an umami flavor. The moist and tender cheesy side of the burger feels to melt in your mouth with every bite you take. 

Harvest Salad WIth Arugula and Quinoa

One of the most healthy sides for burgers is harvest salad, which wins the hearts of consumers. You can make this side easily at home using dried cranberries, sharp goat cheese, and toasted walnuts. These healthy ingredients make it more flavorful. You can prepare this in just 25 minutes and enjoy your burger with a wonderful side. 

Red Cabbage Coleslaw

A very simple and crunchy side dish made of carrots, cabbage, vinegar, and honey. This thinly shredded red cabbage and red pepper flakes add a tangy flavor. While the honey or lime juice balances the tanginess with sweetness. The mixture full of different cabbages and veggies gives a taste of many flavors. You can eat this side dish without mayonnaise with a burger to have a unique experience in your life. 

Italian Pasta Salad

You must have heard of Italian pasta, but did you know you can make Italian pasta salad? Yes, you heard right, a salad filled with a bowl of Italian pasta. This healthy recipe includes various Mediterranean ingredients that take only 45 minutes to prepare and serve. This salad includes olives, sun-dried tomatoes, some healthy leaves, spring onions, and a little pinch of salt and spices. This recipe, along with the burger, will rock your picnic, lunch, or potluck. 

Sweet Potato Salad

This is a classic healthy sides for burgers, as it has an exceptional taste of tenderness and perfection. Sweet potato salad can easily be made at home without any problem. A smattering of diced onion, tomato, and bell pepper gives a flavor of lime and chipotle. You can also make jalapeno sweet potatoes for something lighter for your stomach. Serve your homemade golden, tender, and crispy sweet potato salad with healthy dipping sauce to surprise your friends and family. 

Broccoli Salad with Bacon 

A green and crunchy raw broccoli adds an extra taste to any dish. When it is added with raisins, chopped walnuts, diced onions, and crumbled bacon, it tastes heavenly. Classic veggies make them more healthy and savoury. You can add homemade mayo if you like eating some dips with burgers. 

Onion rings 

Another best and most popular healthy sides for burgers. No one can say no to crispy onion rings. This side dish is totally healthy and delicious as it has a crispy and crunchy coating on sliced onion. The onions are dipped in egg and seasoned with flour mixture and then air-fried. The battered onion rings with melted coconut oil give an exceptional taste to your tongue. 

Green Bean salad

This healthy salad not only can be eaten alone. It compliments best with burgers, too. Only a 5-minute recipe until tender will give you a taste of the drizzling marinated mixture. You can add salt as per your taste, olive oil, red wine vinegar, ginger and garlic with a little schezwan chutney. Garnish them with chopped green onion and chilli.  

Kale chips 

This is a 3 ingredients recipe for someone who feels lazy and is not in the mood to prepare sides. The easy and simple recipe will tempt you to make one for yourself and your partners. Kale chips are made by removing stems of dried kale, tearing them into larger pieces and spreading them on a baking sheet. A little drizzle or spray of olive oil on the kale chips will enhance their taste and flavors. 

The bottom line 

These were some healthy sides for burgers that you can enjoy. So, the next time you order a burger, have these sides with you to have a memorable experience. You only need to have some scrumptious vegetables, spices, and sauces in hand to prepare them in minutes. If you want to try a unique sense of taste and flavourful burger, add these healthy sides with them. Subscribe to learn more about such recipes and exciting side dishes.