100 ft extension cord: ideal way of elongating multiple circuits around an area. Imagine planning a night house party with everything done right till you find out there are no nearby electrical plugs/circuit connections to light up your ideal decor. How would you feel? Exasperated, right? 

Gone are the days wherein you needed to purchase multiple extension cords to reach a specific area. The 100ft extension cord will elevate you from the dreadful experience of renovating your house with ugly wires and sockets hanging across the house. 

Wondering about the usability, durability, safety and other aspects of the tool? Well, this guide will introduce all the aspects of the tool to narrow down your approach and make your choice. 

What Is There A Need For a 100 ft Extension Cord?

A 100 ft extension cord or drop cord is a flexible device which distributes electricity around an area with the help of an electrical power cable. Visualise sitting on your bed watching a movie on a laptop and suddenly it shows 20% battery with no nearby sockets. Who would want to leave the cosy atmosphere and walk up to the next room to get it charged? Not me! That’s when extension cords come to the rescue. 

Not only does an extension cord elevate us from the crisis but also ensures the safety of the electricity flow throughout the process. Moreover, one can use it at workshops, yard work and at home. The extension cord comes with multiple sockets wherein you can plug in more than one device conveniently. 

However, sometimes people do want to reach the electricity supply to a specific area and decorating your home with multiple extension cords might not be the wisest choice ever. A 100 ft extension cord is an elongated version designed specifically to ensure its reach at the most unreachable areas conveniently. 

Different Types Of Extension Cords With Amperage Limits

Every extension cord comes with different lengths and holds different amperage limits. An amperage limit is usually the amount of electricity charge that can safely flow through the system. It is quite important to gauge and use it within its below-mentioned limits to avoid casualties. 

  1.  25-50 ft extension cords 
  • 10-12 gauge (16-20 amps)
  • 14 gauge (14-15 amps)
  • 16 gauge ( 1-13 amps)
  1. 100 ft extension cord
  • 10 gauge (16-20 amps)
  • 12 gauge (14-15 amps)
  • 14 gauge ( 11-13 amps)
  • 16 gauge ( 1-10 amps)
  1. 150 ft extension cord 
  • 10 gauge (11-15 amps)
  • 12 gauge (8-10 amps)
  • 14 gauge ( 1-7 amps)

Nonetheless, prolonged usage and improper handling might cause problems within cords. In such a case, avoid using it and consult an electrician for proper dealing with the issue.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A 100 ft Extension Cord?

Extension cords offer a handful of benefits to the users. One can use these electrical tools in potentially multiple ways in households and the workplace. Some advantages of using a 100 ft extension cord are as follows:

1. Electricity available in the unreachable areas: 

There can be some places that cannot access power easily at home. Insufficient power outlets in a workplace can lead to delayed or even undelivered work. A 100 ft extension cord solves the problem conveniently by making electricity available at the places farthest from its reach.

2. Works throughout multiple weather conditions:

The best part about using an extension cord is its usage in almost every weather condition. That’s because these wires are insulated which makes them efficient and flexible for usage in different structures and locations. 

3. Organise your space:

A 100 ft extension cord helps to keep the place organised from too many scattered cables and extension cords. So, one can easily connect to the electricity without looking cluttered or untidy. 

4. Multiple devices connection:

There is nothing more annoying than running out of battery and power outlets at the same time. Do not worry as this hassle-free solution doesn’t require you to pull out other gadgets to get yours charged. The extension cords connect you to multiple power sockets that can be used at the same time.

5. Cost-effective:

Buying a 100 ft extension cord serves as a money-saving choice as it prevents you from spending money on purchasing multiple cords to reach a specific area. 

6. Safe and secure:

The extension cords come with a three-layer exterior and a guarantee card protecting you from hazards. 

Is a 100 ft Extension Cord Cheap?

If you ask us to answer in one word it’s No. The 100 ft extension cord doesn’t fit in the definition of being cheap, nonetheless is reliable, safe and durable. This one-time investment prevents you from multiple investments in small-length extension cords. Moreover, these heavy-duty electrical tools can be used both outdoors and indoors for connecting to electricity in everyday life. 

Safety Measures For Avoiding Mishaps While Using Extension Cord

Everything has a positive and a negative impact. With that said, it is quite important to keep certain things in mind while using a 100 ft extension cord to avoid casualties and enjoy the electricity supply hassle-freely. Try to follow these safety measures while working with extension cords.

  • Always check for damages before connecting it to electricity.
  • Do not overload extension cords beyond their amperage limits as it may cause short circuits or any other mishaps.
  • Do not confuse weather resistance with waterproofing. Do not try submerging or indulging the cords with water.
  • Avoid connecting multiple extension cords as the place might get messy and children or even adults can trip over them.
  • Purchase the individual-approved 100 ft extension cord with three-prong plugs.
  • Never use extension cords as a permanent alternative for wiring.
  • Never use a damaged cord or try to forcibly fit a plug into an outlet. 
  • Avoid lingering extension cables and cords around the house. 


In this article, we discussed everything one needs to know about a 100 ft extension cord before indulging in its usage. Apart from being extremely useful in smoothing the electricity supply in the most unreachable areas, extension cords are cost-effective, durable and secure. 

However, abstain from using it in everyday life as it is not a permanent alternative to wiring. Check the wires thoroughly before usage. If one observes any unusual changes or problems, consult an electrician right away.