Ron Fisico is a familiar name one must have heard making headlines. Celebrities often get papped and we see them making headlines with the outfits they wore, the places they visit and the person they are with. One such celebrity who has been a subject of popularity since his early days is Ron Fisico. His low profile subsequently added fuel to intriguant among inhabitants. 

Are you curious to learn about his personal life too? Do you often wonder how Ron got caught up in his nationwide popularity? Well, this article might be the best for you. In this article, we will discuss how he turned from an individual to a sensation worldwide. 

Who Is Ron Fisico?

Ron Fisico is a professional health and fitness instructor. There’s a reason behind everyone’s popularity in the world. In his case, apart from being a health coach, it was his relationship with nationwide famous Greek Canadian WWE star, entertainer and model Diva Trish Stratus. 

Patricia Anne Stratigeas AKA the Diva Trish Stratus is one of the women who is entitled to WWE’s women’s championship seven consequent times. She’s one of the most famous female grapplers of all time as well. 

Often being named along with her paved the way for Ron in the limelight. However, there’s a lot more about him which led him into stardom. Intrigued to know more? Stick with us to find it out. 

Ron Fisico’s Biography 

Ron Fisico, the Canadian professional bodybuilder was born on the 29th of April, 1975 in Richmond Hills, Ontario, Canada. Being born in the family of Frank Fisico, he holds Canadian citizenship. 

Ron attended the Bayview High School in Richmond Hills, Canada. This was also the place where he met Trish for the first time. 

Furthermore, he completed his education at Hardin Simon’s University. 

Ron has always been a bit discreet about revealing his personal information or family background out in the public. Therefore, there’s not much information regarding his childhood. Ron belongs to a Caucasian ethnic group and is a follower of Christianity. 

How Did Ron Fisico Rose To Fame?

The question of Ron Fisico being raised to the limelight has generated curiosity among individuals for a long time. After completing his education, Ron pursued the career path of becoming a professional bodybuilder. 

The profession of bodybuilding had always charmed him. Ron won a series of bodybuilding competitions and received numerous endorsement feedback. Besides being a fitness model, he also did endorsements for multiple fitness agencies. 

Although there’s no such precise information about his professional growth, the actual reason that contributed to his fame was his relationship with Trish Stratus. Diva Trish Stratus is a well-renowned Canadian wrestler, fitness enthusiast, model and popular TV personality. 

Apart from her Greek ancestry, she is one of the greatest female sports entertainers of all time. Ron Fisico dated Trish Stratus since their teenage days and that’s what caught the attention of the media.

Is Ron Fisico Married?

Well, the answer is YES. Ron tied the knot with his 14-year-long teenage sweetheart Trish Stratus on 30th September 2006. The couple started dating in their school days and decided to make it their lifelong relationship at the age of 31.

Their wedding ceremony was one of the most talked about as multiple WWE personalities and divas made their appearance at it. Moreover, the wedding was also featured in Today’s Bride magazine. As for now, Ron and Trish have two beautiful children together. 

Ron Fisico and Trish Stratus have been in the news even before they got married. The rumour of Trish having a sexual relationship with WWE owner Vince McMahon has got her all over the media. Likewise, during their dating era, the rumours of Trish cheating on Ron dipped into controversies.

However, they have a happy family currently, living together in Toronto, Canada.

Does Ron Fisico Use Social Media Platform?

Unlike his wife who is popularly shown and been on social media, Ron keeps a low profile on social media platforms. He’s a private person who stays low on social media barely counting as an active member of the platforms. Despite marrying the greatest WWE star, he prefers staying away from the social media presence. 

However, Ron Fisico does have a Twitter account with a minimum of followers ranging under 100. On the other hand, Trish Stratus has an Instagram account and her fans get to celebrate her presence now and then. The followers speculate Ron is the photographer of Trish’s photos and videos. 

What Is Ron Fisico’s Net Worth?

Although net worth doesn’t define how successful or happy a person is, people are always intrigued to discover their favourite celebrities’ income. Being a popular skilled bodybuilder and model, the primary source of Ron Fisico’s income is his fitness instructor career. Apart from that, counting the cars, lavish residents and other amenities, the net worth sums up to be around $2.5 million. 

For How Long Has Ron Fisico Married Trish Stratus?

Ron tied the knot with Trish Stratus on September 30th, 2006. They both first met at Bayview High School and after dating each other for almost 14 years they committed to an eternal relationship. 

The marriage ceremony was a highlighted affair making it into multiple newspapers, magazines and TV programs. They welcomed their first kid Maximus Fisico on September 30, 2013. After almost four years, Ron Fisico and Trish were blessed with the princess Madison Patricia Fisico on the 14th of January, 2017. They have been married for 18 years now. 

Final Takeaway

Getting to know a TV personality is one of the most entertaining things. And it gets even more intriguing when the personality prefers staying low profile and distant from the media. In this article, we shed some light on the life and other details of the famous Canadian professional fitness instructor Ron Fisico. He is a private person who likes staying away from social media.

Ron Fisico is the father to two beautiful children and is married to Greek Canadian WWE star Diva Trish Stratus. They dated each other for 14 years and decided to enter an eternal relationship by tying the knot. Although their names have been dragged into scandals and rumours, their marriage stays perfect to this day. We wish them a joyful and healthful married life ahead too! 

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